Energy- and Operational cost savings at Outokumpu Sheffield

The first phase of the lighting retrofit project was recently completed at Outokumpu in Sheffield. The project involved the installation of 170 Tungsram high bay luminaires, fitted with Nedap IoT nodes for wireless control

By applying motion detection, daylight harvesting, time control and high-end-trim compensation, the Luxon system is saving more than 60% of additional energy.

Recently Outkumpu decided for a second project involving 25 Tungsram Emergency luminaires.

In this second phase these emergency lighting fixtures, also equipped with Nedap IoT node, will be installed.

After commissioning, Outokumpu will be able to perform fully automated self-tests featuring automated periodical function and duration (battery discharge) test, error notifications.  These automated tests are visualized in auditable reports drastically reducing administrative tasks and visual inspections of the installation.

The above is another good example of how Nedap Luxon contributes to savings in both energy and operational costs.