CNH Jesi 1[1]

CNH Industrial NV chooses Luxon based on Lighting-as-a-Service

CNH Industrial NV is the international parent company of 12 prominent brands that produce vehicles for agriculture and industry. Its portfolio includes tractors, trucks, buses and combine harvesters, as well as propulsion and transmission systems for trucks, off-road commercial vehicles, and marine engines. The company operates in 180 countries and has over 63,000 employees, 67 production sites, and 56 research and development centres. Nedap has equipped several CNH locations with its Luxon connected lighting system. In 2020, CNH Energy, which is responsible for energy savings within the group, decided to equip the Iveco plant in Bolzano, Italy, with Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) based on Luxon. Significant savings. Giorgina Negro, director of CNH Energy: “A year ago, we completed the first successful pilot with Nedap. The team then equipped four more sites with the Luxon connected lighting system, including our New Holland plant in Jesi, Italy.” With Luxon, lighting fixtures are mapped, assigned to groups, and wirelessly controlled. Negro: “Luxon really meets our expectations. The platform enables the application of innovative lighting strategies and creates a more efficient lighting environment at large production sites. In the process, it delivers very attractive energy savings.”

LaaS: no capital investment
LaaS is an excellent solution for customers who want to implement connected lighting but are wary of the capital investment and payback period. With LaaS, end-users can procure lighting services on a subscription basis. This way, they avoid capital investments. It is also common for customers to use their energy cost savings to pay for LaaS. In many cases, there is even a positive cash flow. For LaaS to succeed, a connected lighting platform such as Luxon is vital. In 2020, CNH decided to implement LaaS in part of its Bolzano plant, where Iveco brand vehicles are produced. At this site, the implementation of Luxon-based LaaS can deliver energy savings of around 60%. Preparations for its application at a second site have already begun. Negro: “We chose Nedap not only for its technical product features and savings potential, but also because of the high level of professionalism displayed in each phase of the collaboration so far: from the lighting study to the actual implementation.”