Luxon connected lighting solutions

Sustainable, better lighting with maximized savings at no effort
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Lighting solutions for industrial and commercial high bay environments

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Luxon is a connected lighting solution that helps to capture and sustain the full potential of LED lighting. Luxon is especially designed for enterprises in industrial and commercial high bay environments to transition to LED lighting or to make existing lighting controllable and improve energy efficiency.

With Luxon you have the right light, at the right time and in the right place with no waste of energy

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Luxon features

Wireless control

  • Ease of use through the Luxon Cloud services
  • Control of up to 500 outdoor lighting fixtures, sensors and switches (larger installs supported through multiple LLC’s)
  • Control based on: astro time switch, scenes and schedules, light levels and motion, high end trimming
  • Mobile App override control
  • (Remote) multi-site management
  • Energy Usage Reporting
  • Luxon Bridge for wireless sensor integration
  • Multiple LLC configuration supported
How it works

Stop wasting time, energy and money

Case study

Watch the KLM UK Engineering Limited movie

Explore the benefits of a connected lighting system related to energy efficiency, health and safety regulations within hangars.